Why Choose My Montessori-Inspired Childcare Program?


The Montessori method is a thoughtful and purposeful approach to education which emphasizes children’s innate ability to direct their development when given the opportunity and tools. Parents who choose a Montessori program for their children do so because of this emphasis on self-directed learning, the multi-age grouping environment, and dedication to individual growth.

The method’s emphasis on multi-age grouping benefit children in many ways. Children of differing education levels, abilities, and ages are grouped together and taught to learn from one another. Younger children begin to emulate the older children’s attitudes and behavior, and older children learn about caring and mentoring their younger classmates.

Montessori programs inspire confidence, nurture the child’s innate desire for learning, discovery, and social interaction skills in an environment where teachers are encouraging, engaging and value the individual child. Children learn how to learn, and this prepares each child for future academic and social excellence.

Montessori education has achieved world-wide recognition and success.  This condensed explanation will acquaint you with the many advantages Montessori offers your child:

“All of our handling of the child will bear fruit, not only at the moment, but in the adult they are destined to become.”

— Maria Montessori

Key Points:

  • The Montessori method has been time tested for 75 years and has achieved success throughout the world with children.
  • Montessori is positive environment for your children.
  • In the scientifically prepared environment of the the Montessori program, the child develops the prime elements of character; freedom, concentration, independence, self-discipline, industry, sense of reality…in an atmosphere of cooperation.
  • Each child is taught individually.
  • The child’s natural development of language is utilized in the process of learning to read.
  • Children have the unique opportunity to fulfill their potential.
  • Children work at their own pace and their own level.
  • Habits and skills developed in a Montessori classroom remain for a lifetime.
  • Though much has been said about the academic achievements of Montessori children, the true value lies in the self-discipline, self-mastery and love of learning the children achieve.

Montessori Advantages:

A Montessori education brings out the individuality of every child, fostering their potential with an engaging and creative learning style. Through Montessori, children discover an appreciation of life and a respect for others that follows them into adulthood.

The advantages of this education platform include:

  • Individualized learning plans: Through Montessori, your child is introduced to different ways of learning. I teach each child as an individual, letting each one advance at their own pace and guiding their path along the way.
  • Learning that focuses on each developmental stage: Without the one-size-fits-all environment, children develop a sense of independence and individual coordination. That self-regulation reinforces their desire to learn even at a young age.
  • The feel of community: Montessori includes a family-like environment. My program is purposely multi-age, allowing older children to work hand-in-hand with the younger ones to mentor their progress and serve as role models. I supervise interactions to peacefully resolve conflicts.
  • The value of cooperative play: A Montessori program is a child-guided environment. The children coordinate their play activities and learn to work together while exploring the various learning stations. This cooperative play instills a sense of respect and understanding of others.
  • Self-assessment is part of the program: Children learn to be critical of their own work and practice self-correction. They habitually evaluate their individual assignments and pinpoint errors. This is a skill often lost in traditional learning models, but one Montessori children take with them as they grow older.
  • A sense of self-discipline: With self-assessment comes the need for self-discipline. Children educated the Montessori way set specific ground rules for themselves and work to achieve their personal goals. That sense of concentration and self-control increases their motivation and desire to learn.
  • A curriculum that is hands-on: It is one of the best things about a Montessori education, your child gets to learn by doing even at an early age. This provides a concrete and easy to understand education as opposed to abstract and book-focused learning.

Read about a child’s typical day in my classroom here.

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