Research is showing children learn best through play. In the Montessori environment, we encourage learning through play while experiencing new things with mixed age groups. Beginning Summer 2019, Playschool is coming to Little Lexplorers! This is similar to a Mother’s Day Out program, but is secular and Montessori-inspired. Here is what you can expect from this program.

Two Options: Morning or Afternoon Session

You can choose between a morning (8:30am-11:30am) or afternoon (2:30pm-5:30pm) session. These sessions are $21 each, and include breakfast and snack for morning session, and a snack for afternoon session. There is also an extended care option, which would run from 8:30am-12pm for the morning session, or 2pm-5:30pm for the afternoon session. Extended sessions are $28 each, and lunch is included with afternoon extended session. You can enroll in both morning and afternoon sessions, but your child must be picked up between the hours of 12pm and 2pm (this is naptime for my part-time and full-time kiddos.) And–there’s no limit to how many days per week your child can come to Playschool! Maybe you need one day a week for errands and you’d like your child to be with peers during this time. Or, maybe you need to get work done two, three, four, or five days a week, and Playschool gives you time to do that. Whatever works for you!

What Goes On at Playschool?

We follow the basic schedule referenced here. Upon arrival to Playschool, children remove their outerwear, shoes, and wash hands. Then, they move into doing their desired activities. Throughout the course of their day, the children interact with children of different abilities, ages, genders, and experience what their heart desires. We work together to prep and serve meals, clean our spaces and selves, and ensure we leave our areas ready for our friends.

Here is a walk-through of a typical day in my home daycare, with pictures!

Playschool is designed to provide children and families with opportunities for varied learning experiences in a safe, Montessori-Inspired environment. Children ages 1 to 7 years will participate in activities with their peers guided by a loving, experienced teacher. Their day will include music and movement, arts and crafts, stories, playground time, activities focused on literacy and math skills, mealtimes, and much more. We desire to make these first learning experiences fun and engaging – helping set the stage for a foundational love of learning and a lifelong love for curiosity!


I update this page as availability changes. Currently, here is what’s available:

  • Monday:
    • Morning: 3 2 1 spot
    • Afternoon: 2 spots
  • Tuesday:
    • Morning: 2 Spots
    • Afternoon: 2 Spots
  • Wednesday:
    • Morning: 0 Spots
    • Afternoon: 2 Spots
  • Thursday:
    • Morning: 0 Spots
    • Afternoon: 2 Spots
  • Friday:
    • Morning: 1 Spot
    • Afternoon: 2 Spots

Have Questions or Ready to Enroll?

You can contact me via my website or by email!

*Playschool does not qualify for sibling discount.

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