Parent Partnerships

Studies have shown that children do better when parents and teachers form a partnership for the child’s well-being. Open communication, mutual respect, parent involvement, and program support all work together to form a strong partnership that will help your child succeed!

The success and well-being of our students depends on the quality of our connection with their parents. Learning is a joint venture between teachers, the child, and their family.

We make every effort to ensure that you feel welcomed and have peace of mind each time you bring your child to our home. Our goal is for the highlight of your day to be when you are on here.

Parents are a child’s first and most important teachers, and studies show that children are more successful when their parents participate in their learning at home and in their child care program. Active parent participation sends a strong message that you support your child and are part of his/her child care experience.

Parents of enrolled children are encouraged to be involved in a variety of ways, such as volunteering in the program, sending special foods for celebrations, preparing learning materials at home, donating supplies and materials, participating in family events, etc. Other ways to be involved include keeping up to date with our daily activities via social media and talking with your child about what happened during the day. Watch the newsletter for opportunities to participate, and let me know if you think of a way you’d like to be involved. Parent participation benefits us all!

Some of our unique touches include:

  • Parents love our social calendar! We have weekend family field trips and adults only events throughout the year. We also take every opportunity to include families for our many celebrations.
  • When full-day students prepare to go home, they are provided a light to-go snack if desired to help make the drive home easier.
  • Daily digital communication between students and their parents through our innovative technology and app. Each day children can take photos and video of something meaningful they created, that image is shared with parents (via our app) as a communication tool to enhance the bridge between school and home.
  • It is the little touches that foster connection between us all, creating a sense of community and partnership.

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