For Enrolled Families

Our Google Calendar

You can view our calendar above. You’ll see our menu listed on this calendar, as well as weekly themes and special information. This calendar has our most up-to-date closings and other important information. 

Parent’s Night Out

I offer PNO once a month, included in regular tuition fees, for each of my families. Each family is entitled to one date session per month, and I really want you to use it! Parents need time as a couple, and I want to help provide some of that time for my families. Please let me know at least one week in advance if you’d like to use your date time. I will engage your children in playful activities, feed them dinner, and provide an age-appropriate craft for them to do. We will go for walks, play outside (weather permitting), and play with bubbles, chalk, and be active! What could be better than knowing that your child can be with their familiar, responsible caregivers and spend an evening in a familiar environment? All this, while you spend some uninterrupted time doing what you enjoy!

Weekdays, you may pick up your child by 8pm instead of regular time for full time families, or bring your child back from 5:30pm-8pm if drop in or part time. Weekends, I am available for either a lunch (11am-1:30pm) or dinner date (5:30pm-8pm). I will only take one child per session, so please let me know in advance which you’d like. You can click here to see the dates available for PNO in 2021.



Hours and Closings for 2021

Please click here to view a printable with our closings. You can print, laminate, and hang this on your refrigerator if it’s helpful! 

Daily Schedule

While we do have a structured day, this is subject to change based on weather, our emotional/physical responses, or any other number of reasons. Our mealtimes, naptime, and frequency of diaper changes are pretty rigid and we don’t typically stray from that, but everything else during the day may change. If the children want to spend more time outside, we may do that instead of come inside for fine motor activities one day, for example. All children will be permitted to have additional naps as they need; no child will be refused a nap (or “forced” to nap) so we can stick to a schedule. This is for the benefit of everyone, and why we have a flexible schedule! Your child’s schedule may vary, also depending on what your contracted times are.

Diapers are changed every two hours (more often, if needed) and infants are fed on demand. Children who sit unsupported and have met all the criteria established in the handbook have meals with us at designated times; most are fed following the baby-led weaning method unless otherwise instructed prior to enrollment.

In the warmer months, we will be outdoors a minimum of two hours per day, weather permitting. If the temperature is above 80F, we will be outside in shaded areas for 30 minutes, inside for 10 up to 2 hours total per session. We will go for walks if the temperature is between 80F and 95F, and stay indoors above 95F. Between 25F-35F, we will be outside for 10 minutes, inside for 10, for up to 20 minutes outside time total for the session. When the temperature (and wind chill/relative humidity) is between 36F-79F, our outside time will be dependent on the children. Your children will need sunscreen for the months between April and October. November through March, your children will need very heavy, warm coats, hats, gloves, and appropriate footwear.

7:30am: Family childcare opens; arrival begins

8:00: Breakfast

8:30: Child’s choice

9:00: Gross motor play; outdoors, weather permitting

10:00: Morning Snack; outdoors, weather permitting

10:30: Fine motor activities

11:00: Literacy and Language

11:30: Lunch

12:00: Naptime begins

2:00: Naptime ends

2:30: Afternoon Snack

3:00: Child’s choice

3:30: Gross motor play; outdoors, weather permitting

4:30: Process Art; outdoors, weather permitting

5:30: Family childcare closes; pickup

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