Overnight/24-Hour Care

It’s hard enough to find quality childcare when you work traditional weekday hours. But according to a 2014 survey by the National Study of Employers, there is a decline in the number of companies awarding flexible work arrangements and more and more employees have to deal with rotating shifts, required overtime, evening hours, and out-of-town travel. Finding childcare to cover these non-traditional work schedules, or your hours if you work more than one job, can be very difficult for many parents.

I offer traditional hours (7:30am-5:30pm) and extended hours (5:30pm-7:30am). Because so many working parents need better options for overnight care, extending my hours to accommodate was an easy decision! Tuition for overnight care is $175 for part time (23 or fewer hours) or $200 for full time (24-45 hours). Single nights are $40 per child. Each option requires a one-time $40 registration fee per child.

I work hard to provide healthy, well-rounded meals to my family and yours. If age-appropriate, your child will eat dinner as a part of our family, and will have a nice, comfy twin-sized bed or crib for sleeping. Occasionally, our family may have an evening outing your child can join us on, like a quick trip to the splash pad, or a quiet visit to the Library. Our Overnight care schedule is a bit different from our traditional day schedule. Here is an example of what overnight care is like:

5:30pm: Arrival; handwashing; free play until dinner.
6:30: Dinnertime. Each child (ages 1+) is responsible for certain tasks. Responsibility rotates.
7pm: Outdoor play! If we venture away from home, it’s usually during this time and you’re notified.
8pm: Evening snack; storytime; brush teeth and get into jammies
8:30: Bedtime
8:45: Lights out (Children typically sleep 9pm-7am)
7am: Gently wake children; change clothes; brush teeth; have morning snack
7:30am: Departure

The schedule is highly dependent upon each child’s individual needs. If you’re interested in overnight care, please contact me!

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