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I’m so pleased you’re here! I’m located in The Orchard in Nicholasville, KY. Please have a look around my website to learn more about me, and my practices. You can also review my handbook and see what’s expected of parents. If you’re unfamiliar with the Montessori method, this page will be helpful. And, this one will help you see exactly what my curriculum includes for every age. What REALLY goes on in my program on a typical day? Click here to see–with pictures and details!

Parent Corner

Head over to the Parent Corner to see the weekly themes, menu, daily schedule, and more!

The Brightwheel App

I use an app called Brightwheel to communicate progress throughout the day. You’ll see diaper changes, restroom breaks, feeding (bottles/ meals with amount consumed!), and more. You will fill out the information on the enrollment form, and then I will send you an invitation. Here is a short video on the app.

Mission Statement

I believe that quality childcare is a collaboration between the caregiver, family, child, and classroom. The children in my family childcare benefit from an experienced caregiver, a partnership with families, and a curricular environment that fosters discovery and exploration. The education provided by my family daycare is based on the principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, spent her life studying how children learn and the most effective way for a child to reach his or her potential. She pioneered the open classroom, individualized education, manipulative learning materials, teaching toys and programmed instructions. Children of all ages (6 weeks-teens) are not divided by age or skill level. Instead, younger children can learn from older ones, and working with younger children is also beneficial for older kids, and helps teach patience and understanding.

My Childcare Philosophy

• I believe that exploration and discovery are vital to child development. My individualized and nurturing approach to early education is supported by the Montessori Method and Magda Gerber’s concept of educaring, also referred to as Resources for Infant Educarers or RIE. Positive interactions between family, child, caregiver and environment is what I strive for in all aspects of our philosophy and methods. A strong foundation in problem-solving, emotional intelligence and imaginative thinking are critical for developing minds. My curriculum is child-directed; I honor the child’s independence and individual ability by offering choices and a diverse array of learning materials. Children are given the opportunity to thrive at their own pace and in their own way. I warmly accept children of all cultures, abilities and learning styles.
• I understand the value of experiences rich in nature, music, creativity and exploration and use these principles to guide my curriculum.
• I believe in practicing respectful caregiving routines with infants and toddlers and facilitating opportunities for the children to engage in uninterrupted play and purposeful work. I believe that childcare should be a partnership between home and school; between parents and caregivers. I want each family to be included in decisions about their child’s care, and feel represented in the classroom. The relationship between parent, child and caregiver strengthens as children are allowed to choose their own primary caregiver.
• Environments are designed to reflect the child’s home environment and provide support for the child’s many developmental needs. Many conflicts can be avoided by the use of positive phrasing and redirection. My environment provides ample space for freedom of movement and many opportunities for children to gain the skills they need to be independent. Through frequent observation and assessment I build a curriculum that takes into consideration each piece of the puzzle: the environment, the caregivers, the individual child and the family. We believe that quality care exists when each of these things are tended to and allowed to thrive.

Goals as a Childcare Provider

It is my goal to create a community of children, families and caregivers. A place where children can thrive and childhood is protected. My goals inspire me in everything I do and I hope that they will inspire you, too!

 • To create and promote a holistic view of early child education, focusing on skills that are necessary to help a person develop emotional and social intelligence as well as cognitive function. 
• To treat children, families and caregivers with respect and understanding.
• To create environments that stimulate the children in our care, with a focus on individualized curriculum so each child learns at their own pace and in their own way.
• To choose specially designed materials and experiences that create opportunities for children to teach themselves by manipulating materials and participating in activities that are sensorial and hands-on.
• To use sustainable practices in all levels of my program.
• To make a positive impact on the community that I serve and the field of early childhood education. I envision a world where peace is valued and individuals have the skills to be capable, respectful and caring citizens.

Tuition and Enrollment Fees

The childcare center is open from 7:30am-5:30pm. However, each family will have contracted hours based on their needs and my availability. Fees are due at pickup (no later than 5:30pm EST) on each Friday for the following week.

  • Part time childcare is care that totals 23 hours or fewer Monday-Friday. Part-time childcare is priced at $175 per week.
  • Full time childcare is care that totals 24-45 hours per week. Full-time childcare is priced at $200 per week.
  • Playschool is either between the hours of 8:30am-11:30am OR 2:30pm-5:30pm. Drop in childcare is $35 per session with a minimum of 2 sessions (2 different days) per week. This is similar to transitional care, or for those whose parents need a few hours each week child-free. This is a great way to ensure your child gets some time with other children, and you have time to do things you need to do without kids in tow!
  • Back-up care/school holiday care is available. This is first come, first served. It’s advised to give as much notice as possible to secure a spot. There is no guarantee of availability, so please contact me ASAP for this. This care is $40/day per child.
  • Sibling discounts are given at 10% off each subsequent enrollment after the first full-priced enrollment for children from the same family.
  • TEACHERS ONLY: A $75 per week (school breaks) is payable on Monday for Spring, Fall, and Winter breaks. A $250 per month fee (Due on the first Monday of each month in full) is required to hold the child’s spot through the summer months if not in attendance (June/July/August). If the child should attend during the summer or seasonal breaks, a maximum one 8 hour day is included in the retainer fee. The parent can pay hourly for childcare outside of the one 8 hour included day, or pay the normal fee if preferred.

Interested in Enrolling or Learning More?

Please send me an email!

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