Summers Under the Trees

Summers Under the Trees is Little Lexplorers + Peachtree Preparatory Academy’s hybrid indoor/outdoor summer camp for ages 3-10. We offer WAY more than a standard summer camp. Expect to find many of the things you already associate with summer camp, like swimming, teamwork games, and confidence-building exercises plus super unique, one-of-a-kind offerings. Here is the only place your child can learn to shoot a bow and arrow, play Bocce, make homemade pasta, maintain a sourdough starter they grow from scratch, and so much more!

Summers Under the Trees nurtures children’s natural wonder and fosters a lifelong connection to the outdoor world through dynamic child-initiated play and outdoor discovery. Gather with friends as we explore our beautiful world, use our imaginations, develop problem-solving skills, work on our growth mindset. Through these combinations we instill a sense of community and belonging in each camper by allowing them to make friends organically.

Our camp’s focus is on creating an individual, child-led experience for each camper. We work hard to provide an atmosphere of safety and acceptance while fostering a sense of discovery and adventure. We hope your child has a summer that includes time at our camp, and we look forward to you joining our little family.

Summers Under the Trees Enrollment

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