About Me

My Family and I

Hi! I’m Jessica Elkins. I’m a homeschooling bio mom of 3 kids. Audree is 12, Nathaniel is 8, and Madeline is 5. I live in Nicholasville with my husband of ten years, Chris. After the death of my brother, Joseph, in May 2020, my sister-in-law Amy and her two boys, Elijah and Oliver, moved in with us. We have a fully finished and independent basement apartment for them. In February 2021, we will be welcoming my final niece to their family, Penelope. Together, we also have two cats, Charlie, 5 year old Maine Coon, and Salem, 3 year old Bombay, a 3 year old bearded dragon (who stays in her tank when daycare is open), named Storm, and two hermit crabs that were accidental. Amy has a cat, Callie, and two turtles, Franklin and Sheldon downstairs. While Amy and her children aren’t usually upstairs, Amy is first aid/cpr certified and has her early childhood certification as well.

I totally love my chosen profession; there is no greater feeling than knowing that you helped in the learning and growth of a child. What I enjoy most is seeing the expression of a child who has just discovered something new and wonderful for the first time and when they are able to perform a new skill without assistance for the first time.

Professional Information

I began caring for children as a teen and realized it was something I greatly enjoyed. As I considered having my own children, I knew I wanted to do something besides what was “mainstream.” Enter attachment parenting! Through AP, I have become well versed in:


-paced bottle feeding

-intact care

-positive touch

-discipline, not punishment

-cloth diapering

-baby-led weaning

-gentle/attachment parenting techniques

-no cry-it-out

-proper care & handling of breastmilk/formula

…and so much more. Some of what I offer as a childcare provider is an environment where children of all ages learn to work together, problem-solve, build emotional and intellectual capabilities. I aim to provide your child with a loving, safe, fun, stimulating, and flexible learning environment that will install a readiness not only for education, but for life and society as a whole. One of the most important roles I have is to help your child to develop the proper skills that will turn them into life-long learners. Learning is integrated into the curriculum to be exciting and fun, while addressing the child as a whole that supports their cognitive, social emotional and physical development. I am first aid and CPR certified. I am legally unlicensed and will likely remain this way. If you have questions regarding why I have chosen this route, please contact me.

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